No face-to-face tutorials have taken place since lockdown in the UK. Over the past few weeks I have been trialling on-line tuition slots. Having taught and tutored in a multitude of settings over 16 years, I am impressed with how it has gone so far. It still needs tweaking though ... and investments into avenues I, until recently, had never heard of! Not only have I tutored on-line in a private setting, I have delivered many lessons involving up to a dozen students at a time for a college I work at using a totally different on-line platform.

Until, and if, a working vaccine is readily available, the 'normal' face-to-face, one-to-one/many tutorials WILL CONTINUE TO BE UNAVAILABLE, with on-line provision seeming to be the only sensible option going forward.

For any returning customers, in short, ON-LINE is the only option available (presently via SKYPE). I apologise for the abrupt disruption to the services once lockdown had been announced. If you still wish to continue via on-line sessions, please phone me to discuss.

For new customers:

I cannot guarantee success ... and never have done! What I do offer is a better chance of success ... and because my students might succeed at one level they might progress onto the next ... and so on . Eventually they may want to take up a career in one of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and provide us, as a country, the very people that we so desperately need!

Homework is set and expected to be done (returned back to me by email) so that it may be incorporated into the next tutorial. I use a visualiser (basically a downward-facing webcam) so that the student can see what I am writing. Although not essential, it is recommended that the student also uses one. This would help me readily checking their workings, layout, etc. Used in conjunction with a package (often free) that splits their screen up into one or more windows, this (in my opinion) makes a more interesting way of delivering content and creating a bond between us.

For full T&C's (and there aren't that many!), please click on the 'Charges' tab above.

The best way to contact me is by phoning my mobile number: 07504 990897 If you can't get through, just drop me a text with your phone number and name, or e-mail me at customerservices@mathodical.co.uk

Thank you for reading.

Philip A K Wade, BSc (Hons) Math Sci (Open), PGCE